Last night while the watching Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, I was glad to see a small segment on ballet’s inspiration for Karlie Kloss. It’s known that some of the models such as Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambroiso, and Candice Swanepoel turned to ballet to get runway ready for the show.

As a dance instructor, I always feel that any form of dance is really the best form of fitness. Of course, I’m being biased as I’ve been a dance enthusiast all my life!

Dancing for me has never been an outlet for looking good.  When I step into a dance studio and switch on the music and feel the vibrations; I’m in another world.

The movement section of this blog is to help others choose a form of exercise that leaves you feeling amazing! It’s not about looking good.

Now, you’re probably wondering, umm, but I want to LOOK like good!

I want you to focus on feeling good in terms of balance, strength and posture. As a result, your physical looks will come. I promise!

I teach the following techniques to my students ranging 10 – adult. These ballet sequences can be done at a bar in a studio or with a chair at home. These variations work your core (if you engage) and the legs. Keep in mind to breathe in and out, push shoulders down, and hold chest up to maintain posture. 

Dancer facing a ballet barre doing an exercise. Dancer facing a ballet barre doing an exercise.
Variation 1: Coupé, relevé, attitude.
Place right leg to the ankle (coupé) then lift same leg to the an attitude position. Feel free to keep the left foot flat or to challenge yourself, relevé, or rise, on the left foot. Repeat 10 sets on each leg.


Image-1 (9Dancer facing a ballet barre doing a demi plie. Dancer facing a ballet barre doing a releve.

Variation 2: Plié, relevés.
Start in first position and rise as if you’re wearing high heels (think Victoria’s Secret high pumps). Repeat 20 sets.


Dancer facing a ballet barre doing a plie in second position. Dancer facing the ballet barre doing a passe in releve.

Variation 3: Plié, passé.
Start in second position, keeping in mind to push the knees back. Push the right leg to a passé position. The foot should press lightly in front of the left knee. Repeat 10 sets on each leg.


Remember that you’re perfect just the way you are.

Choose a fitness that leaves you euphoric.


Which variation leaves you with feel-good-burning thighs?