“Maritza and I have worked for over a year together to promote the development of a documentary and to tell the story of both the process and teamwork it entails. Maritza’s communications and marketing skills, creativity, business sense, humor, and ability to build strong relationships have proven her to be an asset to any team. She is a born leader with a spirit unequaled.” Joe Shaffner, Senior Communications Consultant

“Maritza Diaz is a rare gem in today’s booming economy (society) (market). She is the epitome of the 4 “P’s” of customer service: Promptness, Politeness, Professionalism, and Personalization. I had the amazing opportunity to work with her to develop a Positive Awareness Podcast. She never ceased to amaze me with how much she has her finger on the pulse. I highly recommend Maritz Diaz for any business development, strategy, and marketing needs. She is truly the best! ” Shasta Bell, CEO, Caprigo Entertainment LLC