• Guest Speaker: Administrator’s Forum

    As May marks Mental Health Month, I’m proud to be a speaker at the Administrator’s Forum at the Florida Council for Community Mental Health. On May 18, I’ll be presenting Social Media Recruiting and Building Culture in Orlando. I have a tremendous respect for the mental health industry and truly humbled to be a presenting at the conference. There have been valuable conversations on mental health and I have taken great pride in creating this presentation.

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  • Speaking at the 2016 We All Grow Summit

    This week I’m off to Long Beach, CA! I’ll be leading a wellness circle at We All Grow Summit 2016. I’m beyond excited and also humbled to be given this chance to talk to others about staying intentional. (Pun intended.) I’m happy to be traveling to CA, where I lived a few years ago, see old friends and make new ones! As my journey into studying self-development continue, I mostly want to help others live out their best wishes! Follow me on Instagram for my adventures and most of all, inspirational moments!


    Hiking to Griffith Observatory in California.

    Hiking to Griffith Observatory. My favorite LA past time.

  • 5 Must-Listen Inspirational Podcasts

    Listening to podcasts is my solution to a long commute to work. According to the Pew Research Center, listeners have doubled since 2008. And why shouldn’t it. With my full-time job and this part-time blog, I have to schedule in my daily dose of inspiration. Each of these podcasts genuinely brings something special to the table. Here are my picks of podcasts and hope you get to check them out!

    Beauty Inside Out with Kimberly Snyder – I discovered Kimberly Snyder at a local nature-driven periodical. She provides great tips on what to eat and how it can benefit your health. As I truly believe, you are what you eat, I love her holistic approach to eating better. I’ve made her green glowing smoothie several times and it’s delicious! Try it!

    The Positive Psychology – Kristen Truempy is behind this information packed podcast. Did you know there is such a thing as positive psychology? This truly helps in finding ways in improving your relationships and simply getting in a better mood. Her delicate voice brings a sense of endearment!

    The Lively Show – I’ve been a loyal listener to Jess Lively for about a year. I’m never bored with her inspiring and intentional interviews. Most notable personalities have been Eat, Pray, Love’s Liz Gilbert and Conscious Uncoupling fame, Katherine Thomas Woodward Thomas. Jess’ podcast are truly inspiring and always leaves me pondering some deep intense thoughts!

    Joel Osteen Podcast – Regardless on what side of religion you might choose, Joel Osteen is phenomenal in his messaging. His voice and teachings are inviting. I always leave feeling good and invigorated!

    Inside PR – Yes, I love topics on enlightenment and there is certainly a trend on the above podcasts! However, due to my work within this field, this had to be part of my list. Not only does it have one of my favorite, PR guru’s, Spinsucks, Gini Dietrich, it contains quick and great tips on staying on top of this field. Additionally, Spinsucks published one of my first works in PR. *blush*

    What podcasts do you love?

    Image: Pink Pot Creative and graphics made by me. 

  • Goal Setting and Printable Worksheet

    Writing down my goals has always been a big part of my life. This post is not so much on making a new years resolution as it is setting an intention for making your dreams come true!

    The sheet below is organized in two action steps. First, write down what you wish for in the empty box. In the action steps field, write down what the process looks like. If you like, you can also write down a firm deadline. You’ll see at the end of the worksheet with a field, Reward Yourself. Underneath the box, list how you will give back to the person most important…yes, you!


    Goal sheet titled, my wishes.

    We forget to give ourselves a pat on the back. No matter where you are in your process of goal setting, always give yourself a reward. Remember, be easy on yourself.

    Download the free worksheet here. Writing down your wishes or goals helps with images to accompany them. Cut out images that represent your wildest dreams.Have fun and be creative. The sky is the limit. Don’t hold back!

    ¡Buena suerte y espero que tus deseos se cumplean!


    Featured image courtesy Pink Pot Creative.