• Goal Setting and Printable Worksheet

    Writing down my goals has always been a big part of my life. This post is not so much on making a new years resolution as it is setting an intention for making your dreams come true!

    The sheet below is organized in two action steps. First, write down what you wish for in the empty box. In the action steps field, write down what the process looks like. If you like, you can also write down a firm deadline. You’ll see at the end of the worksheet with a field, Reward Yourself. Underneath the box, list how you will give back to the person most important…yes, you!


    Goal sheet titled, my wishes.

    We forget to give ourselves a pat on the back. No matter where you are in your process of goal setting, always give yourself a reward. Remember, be easy on yourself.

    Download the free worksheet here. Writing down your wishes or goals helps with images to accompany them. Cut out images that represent your wildest dreams.Have fun and be creative. The sky is the limit. Don’t hold back!

    ¡Buena suerte y espero que tus deseos se cumplean!


    Featured image courtesy Pink Pot Creative.

  • Success

    Last week I spent an eye-opening, amazing experience at the Alt Summit in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I put it out in the universe to be a speaker in an upcoming creative conference. It was granted.

    I had the great pleasure of speaking in the Diversity in the Creative World panel. As diversity is most important in any work environment, I hope this topic gains more discussion at future Alt Summits. Session attendees had great questions in targeting specific multi-cultural markets. Pitching the right brand with substantial tools can easily get you in the door of the Hispanic, African-American markets. Brands are smart to work with diverse bloggers. It promotes tolerance, acceptance, and overall good business.

    Although I attended two days out of the four-day conference, I was quite impressed with the summit. With hundreds of bloggers from all over the U.S., one word came to mind.


    From jewelry makers to website designers, everyone was set to launch their business. I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? My only wish is that we all manifest that dream including myself.


    View of the mountain with a poem displayed.


    Salt Lake City and its people were incredible. I’m a nature addict so driving into the mountains was my one wish and so glad it came true. My hope is that everyone’s intention of making it happen as an entrepreneur is manifested….soon. For more #altsummit images, please head over to my Instagram page.

  • #Altsummit Bound

    Travel is the quintessential way in discovering myself and mostly, all that’s around me. Life has been hectic and throwing a few punches here and there. Nothing I can’t handle. This week I’m off the Salt City, Utah. I’ll be a panel speaker with “Diversity in the Design & Lifestyle Blogging/Social Media World at the 2015 Alt Summit. My fellow Latina Blogger, Rachel Matos will be the moderator. Needless to say, I’ve been doing high kicks since I’ve found out I was selected to be a speaker.

    As this is my first time speaking at such a grand, sold out event, I want to cover all bases. My goal is to build new relationships and collaborate with brands to push #littlegiantlife. I also want to empower others to live their dream the best they can. The unknown possibilities are what energizes me.

    Picture of gorgeous blooms from a recent work trip.

    Pic of gorgeous blooms from a recent work trip. Yay for travel!

    Blogs are being bombarded with tips on being making the best out of #altsummit. I won’t add yet another post on that topic. Just remember to follow your heart and never doubt yourself. Speak positively but not fake. There will be many pathways to opportunity and know which route to take. I trust that you know what needs to get done to push your brand.

    I leave with this,

    ¿Estan listos?

    Keep up with me via Instagram and Twitter. See you at #altsummit!


    Photo: Unsplash. Graphics made by me.