For my entire adult life, I’ve wholeheartedly have shared two of my passions. For over 10 years, I’ve been a communications/marketing professional. For over 20 years I’ve been a dance instructor for ages 2 to 70 years young! The bulk of my fitness careers consisted of teaching jazz, ballet, and hip-hop for private and public school sector. Please see my fitness resume here. I fully understand the demands of offering valuable customer service. Clients are more than just clients, they are valuable individuals that foster the fitness community. As a result, I want to continue fostering healthy lifestyles for all walks of life; especially children! Now more than ever, ALL children need a moment of solitude. They experience as much or if not even more stress today than ever before. Instilling mindfulness for children is key to have a more fulfilling life while maintaining balance and inner peace. What can I do for you? After an initial conversation, I can do either of the following:
  • Create a curriculum that centers around yoga and mindfulness for ages 5 – teens.
  • Teach a week-long session for your organization.  Additionally,  I will provide materials for your students to continue using well after the session has ended.
  • Implement a yoga/mindfulness program at your recreation center, daycare center, or school.
Kids yoga/mindfulness offers many benefits including boost/increase in: – improved self-confidence – practicing mindfulness – increase concentration – deep breathing and relaxation – and most of all, fun!   Need more information? I’m available for creating and/or managing a curriculum consisting of yoga, movement, and mindfulness for children ages 5 – teens. Please feel free to complete the form below to set up a program at your school or organization.