Masterclass: Finding Peace In A Digital World

Does social media just make you feel exhausted? Do you work as an entrepreneur, marketer, or influencer and find yourself online all day and night? Is social media envy turning you into a comparison junky?

It’s all so loud and overwhelming!

Welcome to the digital world.

Join me and the talented Suki Eleuterio for a Master Class on Social Media Overload: Finding Peace in a Digital World.

In this 60 minute class learn how to:

  • Create healthy boundaries for engaging on social media
  • Use real tools to find mindfulness, stillness, and inner peace
  • Be creative on social media without burning out
  • Recognize signs of the digital world affecting your behavior
  • The actual science and statistics on how social media affects your brain
  • Mindful activities to begin and end your day

To register for this masterclass, please click on the link.

I want to help. How can you be more mindful in this ever-changing digital world?


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