• Gaining Perspective

    Here’s Why It’s A Healing Tool

    Recent physical and emotional challenges gave me no choice but to do one thing. I had to gain perspective. The switching of my mindset was incredibly difficult. I don’t know if I was able or willing to do so.

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  • Words

    On a recent business trip, I witnessed someone praising another for her hard work excellence. This praise was done in front of the entire staff. Her eyes soften and gleamed with humility. A resounding applause arose. She felt proud and perhaps shocked to hear such empowering words. On the flip side, I witness a highly successful business person insult another in front of the staff. Nothing but silence followed. No rebuttle.

    In this day and age, you’re probably figuring out Β a way to be better at work and life. You don’t get the empowerment you deserve. Words are powerful and should be used carefully. As humans, we are desynthesized to what really matters. And that is compassion. If you can’t go within, then how can one treat others with kindness.

    So before you gave constructive criticism, stop, think, and choose the right words. You’ll be remembered for the person you are and not for your successes.

    Have you ever witness someone being insulted? Would you step in to help?