• Free Downloadable Press Release Template

    If you or your client have a newsworthy event coming up, this would be a good time to create a standard press release. As I prepare for my upcoming appearance the Alt Design Summit, I want to be able to give you a free downloadable press release template for your event. Life has been crazy busy. See for yourself on Instagram.

    Please keep in mind that press releases or media releases, as sometimes they are called, are different in every communications environment. Some require lots of “fluff” in their releases to spice up the event. However, the way I was trained was to keep the fluff out and keep all facts in. Keep it simple and to the point. Your media will thank you for it.

    ¡De verdad!

    The press is always on a deadline and the last thing they need is a three-page press release which could’ve been created in a well-though out one-page release. It will also behoove you to have access to the AP Style handbook. Your language has to follow the AP guidelines which are a particular writing style used by journalists. Including images or video will only enhance your news release. Living in the digital age, an image can give more of a visual to your standardized text. Have a second or third pair of eyes to give it one last look-over. Click here to download your free template.


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  • Big Announcement

    “If you build it, he will come.” The famous quote from the movie, Field of Dreams, is poignant. In this case the ‘he’ is an amazing opportunity. I’m proud to announce that I will be a speaker at the Altitude Design Summit this summer in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I have put it out in the universe to start my journey as a speaker at industry relevant conferences. And slowly it’s becoming a reality!

    Given the fact, I have never attended the biggest business premier conference, I’m ecstatic to be selected as one of their speakers. I applied without even considering that I would be chosen. As speaking at conferences has been a large goal of mine, I’m truly grateful and honored to be joining other like minded individuals in such a large gathering of creative individuals.

    As I research possible topics to discuss, I can’t help but feel a duty and give as much as I can.

    Let’s do this!

    ¿Estan listo? Because I am!

  • Interview Questions For All Career Levels

    When I was a writer for Examiner.com, I was told I ask great questions. When I have interviewed for jobs in various scenarios, I was also told I ask great questions. Call me intuitive, but I love to ask questions. How else will I know about you?! Currently, I’m in the process of seeking an intern. It had me thinking about asking the right questions for the job you want.

    Before I became a publicist, I worked on many film and television productions. My listening skills had to be developed rather quickly. With a walkie in one hand and a mobile in another, I had to learn to listen to many channels at the same time. I had to learn what to ask to deliver various demands in a timely manner.

    In my opinion, asking the right questions in a job interview will let you know if the job you want is really for you. Here some questions to get you started. Download this free guide and use it for your next desired position.


    A list of interview questions


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