• New Meditations For a Peaceful Mind

    Meditations Can Bring Profound Results

    This past year, I solely created meditations for the Guided Mind App. I’ve been wanting to provide others with my own meditations and glad to finally have them live for you to enjoy. As a yoga instructor, one has the opportunity to create meditations for their classes. With this project, I wrote, recorded, produced 13 meditations that range in improving mindfulness to self-worth. There’s even one meditation created for kids!

    I find that becoming still and quiet brings profound results. Meditating has many benefits, one of which is clearing the mind and being less reactionary. Basically, you won’t take things so personally. You will also find yourself taking a breath before making a decision.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in quieting the mind, there is something here for everyone. The resources page has been created for you. Much more to come.

    I invite you to download the app here or click on the image below and start your journey into meditation.

    New Meditations To Help Quiet Your Mind


    Feature Image by Amanda Smith Photography.

  • Spanish Speakers Emphasize The Positive, Study Shows

    Since I’m always hopping on the positive train, I wanted to share this article in Latin Times, which stood out for me. As a Spanish speaker, at times I accentuate certain words to add that extra spice.

    ¿No me creáis?

    Researchers from the University of Vermont have found an advantage and benefit of speaking Spanish. Or rather, in the new way Spanish-speakers express themselves. According to the researchers, those who converse in Spanish are more positive and speak in a more positive manner than those who speak other languages.


    Image credit: Dima Bushkov. Image used under Creative License CC By 2.0.


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  • Four Days Closer To Friday – Vol. 1

    Monday blues. Manic Monday. Whatever you want to call Mondays, look to this series to brighten your Monday as well as into the week.

    Image courtesy of Kagga Kamma.

    Image courtesy of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

    1. A friend passed this crazy practice and I have to say, it works. Affirmations at its best.

    2. Extreme travel to Cape Town and on my to-do list.

    3. Misty Copeland’s new ad for Armour. The voiceover words I’ve heard many times in my life.

    4. Be one. Be still. Be present. Look to this for some Yoga inspiration.

    5. World’s most loved CEO.

    6. Why wasn’t Dunkin’ Donuts in LA when I lived there?!

    7. This makes me smile. Thanks ChildFund.

  • Feeling Appreciation

    What I want to get out of this blog to inspire YOU to attain the unattainable. Whether your dreams are big or small, just know that you deserve the best. When I feel inspired, it’s a pit-of-my-stomach feeling that is bursting with energy. I want you to feel this same energy and I will do all that I can to convey this energy through Little Giant Life.

    Free printable made for you. Heart in hands with the words, you are good enough. You deserve the best of everything.

    Free printable for you courtesy of Little Giant Life.

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