• Four Days Closer To Friday – Vol. 1

    Monday blues. Manic Monday. Whatever you want to call Mondays, look to this series to brighten your Monday as well as into the week.

    Image courtesy of Kagga Kamma.

    Image courtesy of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

    1. A friend passed this crazy practice and I have to say, it works. Affirmations at its best.

    2. Extreme travel to Cape Town and on my to-do list.

    3. Misty Copeland’s new ad for Armour. The voiceover words I’ve heard many times in my life.

    4. Be one. Be still. Be present. Look to this for some Yoga inspiration.

    5. World’s most loved CEO.

    6. Why wasn’t Dunkin’ Donuts in LA when I lived there?!

    7. This makes me smile. Thanks ChildFund.

  • Feeling Appreciation

    What I want to get out of this blog to inspire YOU to attain the unattainable. Whether your dreams are big or small, just know that you deserve the best. When I feel inspired, it’s a pit-of-my-stomach feeling that is bursting with energy. I want you to feel this same energy and I will do all that I can to convey this energy through Little Giant Life.

    Free printable made for you. Heart in hands with the words, you are good enough. You deserve the best of everything.

    Free printable for you courtesy of Little Giant Life.

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  • Reading Is Therapy

    As September 11 nears tomorrow, I’m sure there are still raw feelings about that day.

    Stack of books on a shelf.You remember where you were and what you were doing. We all endure moments in life that are traumatic and I have found reading to be one of my therapies. Here are some inspirational reads that I have truly learned a life lesson from each one. All these reads can also be found at your local public library.

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