• Travel Recap: We All Grow Summit

    When there is an opportunity to travel to the west coast…I’m there! It was manifested by accepting to lead a wellness circle at We All Grow Summit in Long Beach, CA. As I have been a Latina Blogger Connect contributor for over a year, I was honored to attend this conference. My favorite part of the trip is connecting one on one  with others. Inspiring others or being inspired by them was the best gift. The service and accommodations at Hotel Maya were impeccable. One of my cherished spots is Lake Shrine in Los Angeles, CA. That is a must-see!

    I’ve returned more motivated in making this blog more impactful: mind, body, and soul and most of all giving back. I’ll be as bold as to say that my #goal is to be a keynote speaker and lead a yoga class at the next conference! Please enjoy some pics of my travels.

    Sunrise at Long Beach, California.

    Breathtaking sunrise at Long Beach, CA.


    Aveeno, one of the summit's main sponsors offered delicious smoothies!

    Aveeno, one of the summit’s main sponsors offered delicious smoothies!


    Cristy Marrero led an inspiring Kundalini yoga class. Photo by: We All Grow Summit

    Cristy Marrero led an inspiring Kundalini yoga class. Photo by: We All Grow Summit


    A room full of amazing and goal-oriented Latinas.

    A room full of amazing and goal-oriented Latinas.


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  • Spanish Speakers Emphasize The Positive, Study Shows

    Since I’m always hopping on the positive train, I wanted to share this article in Latin Times, which stood out for me. As a Spanish speaker, at times I accentuate certain words to add that extra spice.

    ¿No me creáis?

    Researchers from the University of Vermont have found an advantage and benefit of speaking Spanish. Or rather, in the new way Spanish-speakers express themselves. According to the researchers, those who converse in Spanish are more positive and speak in a more positive manner than those who speak other languages.


    Image credit: Dima Bushkov. Image used under Creative License CC By 2.0.


    To read the rest of the article please click, here.



  • The Impact of Latina ‘Mami’ Bloggers

    Crop Image

    With the abundance of writers entering the blogosphere, it’s hard not to notice their affect on consumer brands.  In the Hispanic market, mommy bloggers aka ‘mami’ bloggers are quickly becoming the next generation of journalists.  With an extraordinary buying power of $1.2 trillion, this demographic is not to be missed.

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