Some of my past colleagues’ thoughts on my work.  Always a pleasure!

“Maritza Diaz is immensely passionate and motivated – a lethal combination that makes Little Giant Productions an asset that no growing business can afford to be without.” Ian Shive, Owner of Tandem Stills + Motion

“Working with Maritza was truly an incredible experience. Her hard work, patience, determination and winning personality were an incredible inspiration to me. She tackled every obstacle head on with confidence and when things got tough, she rised above the pressure and made us all feel at ease with her positive attitude. Maritza didn’t know what 9 to 5 was, she loved her job and was the first one in the office and the last to leave.” Karolin Luna, actress and former Publicist, Hispanic Entertainment Marketing Division, Terry Hines & Associates

“Maritza’s leadership and passion were made clear to the committee that she was voted Co-Chair of the committee.  She also served as a founding member of Break the Cycle’s Media Response Team, offering guidance and expertise to help further the organization’s marketing and PR efforts.  Maritza is charismatic, personable and follows through on all commitments made.” Christabelle Salazar, Former Director of Development, Break the Cycle

“Maritza Diaz is a quick learner and a person who tackles all assignments with dedication and a strong work ethic.  Besides being a joy to work with, Maritza is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits correctly and effectively.” William Garcia, Owner of Playworld Pictures