WHEW! It’s been a busy few weeks! I for sure need to drink more water. On top of teaching, writing for Latina Bloggers Connect, researching blog ideas for Little Giant Life, and taking care of everyday life recuperating my body, my mind is full of noise. As I often try to meditate. It’s time to just STOP! As I relished in the beauty of this perfect sunset, I got to thinking. What if I asked you the following?

 Can you re-count all the steps you took today from morning to night?

Would you remember what you had for breakfast? Do you remember driving or taking the train to and from work? Probably not and it’s okay.

Perhaps 2015 hasn’t started in the best way you had hope.  Do you feel a bit short change? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The rat race gets crowded and we run along the speed of life without realizing that we may be putting ourselves in spiritual danger. Meaning, we don’t take a moment to stop and smell the roses or most importantly, take a nice, long breath! Are you forgetting to take care of you? Do you put you last on your very long to-do list?

Rather than make a new year resolution, I want to challenge you to do one thing for 2015 and beyond. And that is:


As we conquer our personal and professional goals, we’re often sinking rather than swimming with the flow of life.  This blog was created to set an intention to be your best self the best way possible!

I’ve recently seen a 60 minutes report on being mindful. In this segment, spiritual coaches guide their students to walk, eat, and breathe in a mindful way. Sounds easy? Of course, we do it everyday. However, when we often walk, eat or breathe, we’re busy multi-tasking by thumbing through our phone, watching TV, or hurrying to our next meeting.

Researching the topic of mindfulness is a favorite topic of mind, or err shall we say, I’ve become obsessed on the subject. Being mindful enables us to search inside yourself. Here is a great read which expands on this, Search Inside Yourself: Increase Productivity, Creativity and Happiness. Training the inner self is vital and more important then training the outer body.


I’m Too Busy 
Living in a fast-paced life gives us no permission to forget who we are. Our shoulders tense up, our lower back aches, and our posture is suffering at the hands of a smartphone and/or laptop. Our phones are stuck to our pockets or set on the night stand. The common routine plays out with waking up to an alarm, shower, eating breakfast (or a lack thereof), rushing out the door, and arriving at work. While I might be moving fast, my mind is full of noise.

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If you continue on a path of self-doubt, lack of faith and overall ‘woe is me’ attitude, then you are growing. You thought I would say the latter. Here’s the thing, if you’re constantly thinking negative and taking yourself away from being present, then that’s the alarm to change your thoughts!

Taking baby steps in practicing self-awareness can change your negative relationships to positive one. It can help you appreciate the bad with the good. Yes, accept the bad which later than will result in good!

For every setback, there’s a setup for something better. 


What do I get out of being mindful? 
It will reduce stress. Do I have your attention? Being mindful or slowing down will in fact train your brain to think clearer, develop mental strength in making better decisions. It will also help you in speaking and acting kinder towards your loved ones. You will be able to take that breath and simply talk out any problems instead of lashing out at the person.

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Clarity Will Arise
You will be able to create the ability to react to others in a different way, perhaps in a positive way. When negative situations arise in your life, just remember they happened to you. As long as the negativity doesn’t take over you, it will not be a reflection of your true self. It’s an experience. It does NOT represent who you are. This is really important to ingest.

When there is an unfortunate life change, do a body check. Are you tensing up again? Do you have shortness of breath? Bring yourself to a state of flow.

In part 2 of this post, I will show you the how of being mindful.

Are you living in a state of mindfulness?

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Image via Death To The Stock Photo and graphics made by me.