• How To Create Your Own Path

    With the start of a new year, it's time for you to create your own path that leads to your dreams, intentions or whatever you call into fruition. For me it meant, creating my own shop which you can find right here!

    We’re conditioned to say we don’t have the time or I’m running out of time. In reality, I want to help you change your thinking about time and that is that we have enough time to accomplish everything. There are 24 hours in a day. Prioritize!

    Just Move Already
    You don’t have to take a class to feel pressured to move. But do yourself a favor and stretch. You’ll see on my Instagram where I show simple and hard moves for all levels.

    Letting Go
    No lie. This is still a learning curve for me. On a daily basis, I work with this concept. And when I do, it does shift in your mind feeling more at ease.

    Your current situation will change. Know that it can be worse. Know that it really is how you look at this.

    Recently I moved. Before finding my permanent resident, I was staying with friends, hotels and Airbnb’s for 3 months. And they turned into 3 long months. I lived out of a suitcase with just 5 outfits a week. When I moved I realized how much I purged the past. I thought to shop for new clothes and became overwhelmed with the choices. I decided that stuff becomes expired rather quickly and had no not in finding unnecessary items. Could I wait to buy something I truly love? Can I continue to live with limited clothes? The answer is yes and feels weightless in deciding to do so.

  • Social Media Overload = Frustration, Anxiety, and Depression?

    I begin to think about the simple times…

    It brings me back to where I was raised. I grew up in the projects in the Bronx. Edenwald, to be exact. Unfortunately, it gets a bad reputation. But it shouldn’t. I remember loyalty, community (no matter the color) and fun.

    There was no internet or social media. For low-income families such as mine, we had the opportunity to go the housing authority to get free cheese…it was delicious! Ahhh, when do we forget the simple times?

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  • Is Good Advice Worth It To You?

    Have you ever had an experience where you regret what you said? Perhaps you had wished to say what you were thinking? Do you have ways to change your reactions to others?

    As often as possible, I like to share what I learn. Self-development is important for me to learn new ways in relating with others. As a yoga teacher, I’ve learned to listen more with compassion. However, there are times, where it’s extremely difficult to do. In unpleasant discussions, you might encounter harsh words from a family member, colleague or friend. No matter how old you are, words hurt.

    Reactions and Actions Create Emotions
    What do you want yours to be?

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  • New Meditations For a Peaceful Mind

    Meditations Can Bring Profound Results

    This past year, I solely created meditations for the Guided Mind App. I’ve been wanting to provide others with my own meditations and glad to finally have them live for you to enjoy. As a yoga instructor, one has the opportunity to create meditations for their classes. With this project, I wrote, recorded, produced 13 meditations that range in improving mindfulness to self-worth. There’s even one meditation created for kids!

    I find that becoming still and quiet brings profound results. Meditating has many benefits, one of which is clearing the mind and being less reactionary. Basically, you won’t take things so personally. You will also find yourself taking a breath before making a decision.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in quieting the mind, there is something here for everyone. The resources page has been created for you. Much more to come.

    I invite you to download the app here or click on the image below and start your journey into meditation.

    New Meditations To Help Quiet Your Mind


    Feature Image by Amanda Smith Photography.