Travel is the quintessential way in discovering myself and mostly, all that’s around me. Life has been hectic and throwing a few punches here and there. Nothing I can’t handle. This week I’m off the Salt City, Utah. I’ll be a panel speaker with “Diversity in the Design & Lifestyle Blogging/Social Media World at the 2015 Alt Summit. My fellow Latina Blogger, Rachel Matos will be the moderator. Needless to say, I’ve been doing high kicks since I’ve found out I was selected to be a speaker.

As this is my first time speaking at such a grand, sold out event, I want to cover all bases. My goal is to build new relationships and collaborate with brands to push #littlegiantlife. I also want to empower others to live their dream the best they can. The unknown possibilities are what energizes me.

Picture of gorgeous blooms from a recent work trip.

Pic of gorgeous blooms from a recent work trip. Yay for travel!

Blogs are being bombarded with tips on being making the best out of #altsummit. I won’t add yet another post on that topic. Just remember to follow your heart and never doubt yourself. Speak positively but not fake. There will be many pathways to opportunity and know which route to take. I trust that you know what needs to get done to push your brand.

I leave with this, [Tweet “Elevate yourself to know you are of higher value. #altsummit”]

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Photo: Unsplash. Graphics made by me.