Back In The Blog Groove

It’s a rarity that I post a picture of myself, although feeling silly about it, there’s a point. Why did I go M.I.A? Here’s the thing. I put myself in creative rehab. And dance is exactly what I needed. I’ve been a dance instructor for over 18 years! Yup you read that right.

Dance has been a hobby, a passion which has taught me to relate with others while inspiring them the best way possible. For me, dance has been a life-long journey. I will never stop. If I’m lucky enough to dance with my cane when I’m old and grey—so be it.

Dance is all about transitions. From a chaine turn to a grand jete, the process is tideuos and takes a lot of hard work–a few aches and pains come along with it! I’ve been known to pose here and there on Instagram.

Finding the right look, voice, and overall content completely took over me with Little Giant Life.

Así que pare todo. (At times, I’ll switch to Español to emphasize my thought!)

Are we as creatives ever happy with what we have? Probably not. However, it pushes me to the point of inspiration to strive for more and more.

Blogging or running your own business is a lot like dancing. There are  many ‘transitions’ to get where you want to be. As I continue learning the blogging business, my intention is to make this a two-way conversation. Don’t worry I won’t make you kick your leg up like that…maybe!

My transition also led me to land a new freelance gig! I’m the new contributor for Latina Bloggers Connect. ¡Estoy emocionada!

In celebration of this re-launch, download a FREE digital media kit on the side bar. Not only will it help with your small business but you’ll subscribe to Little Giant Life. Promise not to overload your inbox!

There will be new and fun ways to make our off-screen lives more meaningful.

What do you think of the new look? What steps do you take for your next transition? Tweet, share!

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