Michele Kadison is one of my favorite dance teachers! I had the pleasure in taking her contemporary jazz class in Florida. Not only was it exhilarating, she knew body alignment down to a science. As picky as I am in choosing a dance or fitness class just right for me, Michele is one of those teachers where I relish taking her class. [Tweet “The feeling of letting go in a #fitness class is where you belong. #littlegiantlife”]

Her latest venture is Body Activation.

Why Body Activation?
I created Body Activation from my dance warm up, which was a part of a contemporary Jazz class that I taught for over 30 years. I noticed that dancers who took classes with me were able to heal their injuries while strengthening their core muscles and thus were becoming much more efficient in their use of movement. I realized that this would be a perfect fitness protocol for anyone wishing to maximize their movement potential, whether for performance, sports, or for simple daily motion.

Body Activation is designed for the body in motion, helping people achieve a sense of ease as they discover a greater range of movement. The technique helps people develop healthier physical habits through exercises that yield deep and immediate results. Through releasing tension and unblocking stressed areas in the body, my students feel refreshed, lengthened, toned, mentally sharpened, and full of revitalizing energy.

Can Body Activation benefit a non-dancer? If so, how?
Body Activation is designed for the non-dancer, as well as anyone who wishes to heighten and maximize their physical potential. The technique is easy to follow and includes many exercises that repeat in order to create a type of biofeedback, whereby the body remembers the movements and positions in its quest to feel better. Because every exercise is designed to affect the body on a deep level, students feel immediate results: core muscles strengthen, the lower back and hips become more flexible, joints become more supple. And because circulation increases due to creating more room inside the body, there is an immediate sense of well-being, inner balance, and mental clarity.

There are many fitness fads with fancy marketing. What advice would you give someone to cut through all that noise?
No matter which fitness protocol attracts you, make sure that the teacher has experience working with the body. S/he should have a quantifiable background in fitness, dance, or yoga, with a deep understanding of how the body functions anatomically. [Tweet “@kadisova Anyone teaching fitness should be looked at as if they’re a doctor.”] As this person will be responsible for making sure you get fit with great results and no injuries.

With so many teacher-training classes out there, it is easy for a person to pay the required fee, put in the time, and emerge with a certificate. This does not mean that s/he has the experience and intuitive qualification to care for you properly. Like you would with a doctor or lawyer, look at the credentials!

A woman with tattoos on her back is stretching with arms overhead.

Photo Credit: Yingli Xu

What is your goal with Body Activation?
My goal is to create global awareness about the efficacy and beauty of this technique. Once someone has taken even one class, s/he is usually convinced of Body Activation’s power to uplift and heal the body, and how this in turn affects the mind and spirit.

I hope to develop teacher training classes for seasoned and experienced dancers and fitness practitioners who wish to teach Body Activation. My ultimate desire is to create a franchise so that Body Activation classes can be available to people around the world.

What inspires you to keep dancing?
I was born with dancing in my blood. It is my lifeline and my joy. When I dance it is a form of making love, connecting with the music, connecting with the universe … an ecstasy I give to myself and share with others. Body Activation is an extension of this joy.

Michelle Kadison is smiling in front a white wall.

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For information on booking Body Activation for a workshop or other event, you can contact Michele at: info@bodyactivation.net

What is your fitness regimen?


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