Children International Partners with TOMS Shoes

In this blog, my biggest inspiration is giving back. And you will see stories on helping children to take precedence. We all can make tiny steps in helping other. This action will come back to you in wondrous ways.  Child focused humanitarian organization, Children International is joining TOMS Shoes and its One for One® Model in providing new shoes for children in need.

Imagine seeing a child walking to school, church or home without shoes. I’ve seen this first hand visiting my country, Honduras. Seeing children at a very young age running errands or working without shoes is something that shouldn’t happen. As a young child to my adult years, the image of children suffering has always stayed in my memory. Perhaps that’s why I truly value children’s well-being. Children are innocent and defenseless and only look up to us for guidance and support. Wouldn’t a pair shoes give them hope when the sights and sounds of poverty surrounds them?

Children International’s valuable and tireless work help children from a young age to 17 years old in over 11 countries such as Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines and Zambia. With TOMS, every product that is purchased will help a person in need. For a TOMS store locator, please search here as I will be doing the same. Follow Children International on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, or see their incredible work in action on YouTube.

Image via Children International.