Being and feeling positive is a major to-do in my life. Finding inspirational moments is constant for me. Small celebrations such as one of my favorite publications, Coastal Living re-gramming my Instagram pic is one of those moments. It’s the small things in life, people. Do you ever feel like there is nothing to celebrate? Is there excessive noise in your head? Negative thoughts running nonstop in your mind may be more than you think. An obsessive way of thinking can be crippling and there’s a name for it. Rumination.

Rumination is redundantly concentrating on negative thoughts from the past. This is different from worry as this emotion is concerned mostly about the future. Rumination is repeated anxiety from a past traumatic experience. It can be a result of your stress or an unsolved issue. The voice in your head that keeps you awake at night doesn’t mean that you’re losing it!

Being negative blurs our judgment and gives us the inability to reach a decision.

Symptoms of Rumination
Loss of sleep or staying asleep.
Repeated headaches or stomach pains.
Weight loss.
Negative thoughts interfering with your daily activities.


Positive Distractions
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, shake it off. Find someone who is wired differently to redirect your attention. Share your experience and you’d be  surprised that rumination might be more common thank you think. Eventually, you’ll learn to make peace with all around you. Surrender and let go.

Being Mindful
Multi-tasking at work and being glued to your phone is information overload! Disconnect from all technology and be truly mindful with all your daily tasks one at a time. Quiet your mind for about 10 minutes before sleep. To prevent technology temptation, ensure all electronics are far away from your visibility. Go within.

Here at Little Giant Life, we believe that movement is the key to relieving stress. As dance as been a major part of my life, I continue to find various ways of exercising. You can never be too busy for implementing some kind of fitness in your life. Set aside at least 2-3 hours  a week for you to just move!


Picture of the ocean is shown with the words, rule your mind or it will rule you. Buddha


Image courtesy by Death To The Stock Photo. Graphics made by me.