When I was a writer for Examiner.com, I was told I ask great questions. When I have interviewed for jobs in various scenarios, I was also told I ask great questions. Call me intuitive, but I love to ask questions. How else will I know about you?! Currently, I’m in the process of seeking an intern. It had me thinking about asking the right questions for the job you want.

Before I became a publicist, I worked on many film and television productions. My listening skills had to be developed rather quickly. With a walkie in one hand and a mobile in another, I had to learn to listen to many channels at the same time. I had to learn what to ask to deliver various demands in a timely manner.

In my opinion, asking the right questions in a job interview will let you know if the job you want is really for you. Here some questions to get you started. Download this free guide and use it for your next desired position.


A list of interview questions


Image via Death to the Stock Photo.