Mobile Arts

What is our mobile arts program? 

A mobile arts program where we offer movement, performing arts, and mindfulness classes for childcare centers, early learning centers, preschool programs, charter schools, and recreation centers. Our coaching programs offer a safe and creative space for all.  For over 20 years I’ve been a dance instructor for ages 2 to 70 years young! I want to continue fostering healthy lifestyles for all walks of life; especially children! Now more than ever, ALL children need a moment of solitude. They experience as much or if not even more stress today than ever before. Instilling mindfulness for children is key to have a more fulfilling life while maintaining balance and inner peace.

What can I do for you?

 After an initial conversation, I can do either of the following:

  • Create a curriculum that centers around movement, dance, yoga and mindfulness for ages 5 – teens.
  • Teach a week-long session for your organization.  Additionally, I will provide materials for your students to continue using well after the session has ended.
  • Implement a yoga/mindfulness program at your recreation center, daycare center, or school.

It’s A Choice

We choose process over perfection. Inspiration over competition. In all, we offer a peaceful outlet for all.

Movement arts include: dance (includes jazz, hip-hop) yoga, while practicing mindfulness arts. 

We believe that integrating key life skills such as emotional intelligence and mindset is the TRUE balance of every child in order to champion their own lives.

Contact us for a FREE demo,

group session, and pricing. 

Why choose our program?

Work Within

  • Become more aware of their breath while practicing self-regulation
  • Lessen the noise in their mind. Become more calm when taking a stress. Feel empowerment with everyday challenges. 
  • deep breathing and relaxation
  • and most of all have fun!

Physical and Mental Awareness

  • Moving the body through dance, yoga, and creative movement just feels good!
  • Help those students who suffer different forms of anxiety and learn how to manage their behavior
  • improved self-confidence


  • Lessen the addiction to the use of technology
  • Cope with the daily stress that surrounds each child
  • Increase concentration 


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