• Here’s Why You Should Always Seek Inspiration

    A bit of truth talk and how I find inspiration. 

    I can count the many situations that make this world very complicated. Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria were catastrophic and the senseless shooting in Las Vegas was just plain senseless. And let’s not forget the earthquake in Mexico. Inspiration seems dimmed and unattainable. Where do you grab perspective?

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  • Gaining Perspective

    Here’s Why It’s A Healing Tool

    Recent physical and emotional challenges gave me no choice but to do one thing. I had to gain perspective. The switching of my mindset was incredibly difficult. I don’t know if I was able or willing to do so.

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  • Guest Speaker: Administrator’s Forum

    As May marks Mental Health Month, I’m proud to be a speaker at the Administrator’s Forum at the Florida Council for Community Mental Health. On May 18, I’ll be presenting Social Media Recruiting and Building Culture in Orlando. I have a tremendous respect for the mental health industry and truly humbled to be a presenting at the conference. There have been valuable conversations on mental health and I have taken great pride in creating this presentation.

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