Your event has been planned for weeks. All essential details are in place. The office buzzes with hopes of this notable event gaining media coverage. The perfect press release is created, reviewed, finalized, then distributed to your well-orchestrated media list. Besides using Grammarly for any writing flubs, at this point your release has your contact information, facts, and it’s ready to be sent!


Then you hear crickets.


Not one media outlet bit your story. However, should you stop and sulk? Absolutely not.

This is yet another opportunity to target your media with the post news release.

After your event has ended, craft a post news release within 3 days for a second chance.

Here’s the thing. Reporters are always on deadline. If they didn’t catch your story the first time, they might catch it the second time.


When drafting the post release, make sure to include the following:

Include the facts, no fluff.

Was it a sold-out show?

Any notable VIPs’ attend the event?

Attach an image of the event to the release. Make sure to provide photo credit to the image. Pictures add as the extra something to the story.

Copy and paste the news release in the body of the email and attach it as well. Some programs may not be compatible to yours so this way, it’s surely to be easily read.

HIGHLY recommend using Grammarly to fine tune sentence structure, spellings and plagiarism. It’s a free tool which is worth taking the extra minutes to double, triple check your release.


What are the results?

Various stories can arise. If a media contact calls you and wants to do a story on your news release, make sure you provide all critical details. Be readily available to provide interviews. Can’t deliver what the media wants? Be ready to ‘spin-it’ by having other story angles available.


[Tweet “Always be ready to ‘spin it’ and provide a strong story angle. #littlegiantlife #pr”].


Show them how you can benefit them and their audience. If an interview is granted, your next step is to ensure your interviewee has approved media release forms and is willing to provide an amazing testimony on your company/brand.

The post news release is your second chance. And in many cases, it’s the win-win of gaining media placement if not provided the first time around.


Have you ever gained media coverage after your event?


Image courtesy by Pink Pot Creative