My muscles were soar, my back was out. ¡Dios mio, que dolor! But I pushed myself into an aerial fitness class and it felt amazing. This wasn’t my first time and so glad I went back. If you see my Instagram, you’ll see the big smile on my face.

My endorphins were flying everywhere. Pun intended. And I’m surprised it didn’t hit the instructor! Needless to say, it’s just what I needed. Let me explain.

I teach several classes a week. And in the end, my body is so soar that my best remedy is to lay in a bath of epsom salt with lavender to recuperate. I usually fall asleep in there! Don’t try this at home.

In retrospective, what my body needs is to be stretched. With this blog, I want to continuously push for fitness that makes you feel good not look good. And aerial fitness was just my best antedote!

Four students participate in aerial exercise. With a swing held up from the ceiling (I was always checking to see if it would snap) you’re pulled and hung in variations. You’re in either in spider, starfish and other strange but fun shapes. You can’t help but laugh and say oooh and ahh! You’re placed in different inversions and feel like a kid again.

Core and upper body strength is worked to the max! Have I mentioned I’m afraid of heights?! But with this exercise, I don’t feel the fear. Aerial fitness gives me a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. I know it sounds crazy, but when you’re body is defying gravity, you feel like your 5 yr. old self. Along with improving your posture, aerial fitness strengthens your entire body. It really pushes your bodies’ boundaries.

You don’t have to be flexible or have bulky muscles to prove your strength. There were women of various backgrounds and ages. All an inspiration! Highly recommend Lori’s class at Body Couture, if ever in sunny South Florida.

I do recommend wearing fitness leggings, as you need to ‘wrap’ your legs around the fabric for a strong grip. Also, wearing a t-shirt or long sleeves is helpful to prevent tension of the fabric to the armpits.

Might I add, I did not get sick of any kind. Perhaps my fear of heights is long gone. Some may experience nauseas. In my experience, I felt incredible and ten feet tall! (I’m a shorty.)

Four students participate in aerial exercise. There was a moment when I couldn’t pull myself up to a ‘spider’ pose. I had to drop and take a breath and drink some water. I was exhausted. This was a 2 hour class!

My body was getting tired and my arms felt like jelly. But I really wanted to prove to myself that my little bitty core can pull myself up. I tried one more time, inhaled and exhaled with all my might and finally did it!

I was relieved that with just a breath, I was able to climb up the swing. Cue the Sound of Music please!

As 2014 comes to a close, I could never understand waiting until the new year to start their something big! Why wait? I don’t make new years’ resolution. I do all that I can to live in the now. So why wait for the inspiration you long to have?

Gift yourself and take that extra breath to meet your #fitnessgoal. You can do it. You’ll regret it if you wait ’til 2015.

Don’t wait until the new year to set your #fitnessgoal.

Start now! Don’t delay instant gratification.