A bit of truth talk and how I find inspiration. 

I can count the many situations that make this world very complicated. Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria were catastrophic and the senseless shooting in Las Vegas was just plain senseless. And let’s not forget the earthquake in Mexico. Inspiration seems dimmed and unattainable. Where do you grab perspective?

I experienced Hurrican Irma and had no power for 5 days. It was awful. It was 95 degrees and my family and I ran out of food. I couldn’t find the smallest necessities such as ice or gasoline. Those small but useful things are taken for granted. I would sleep on the floor because it was the coolest place to be. But it’s nothing in comparison to what the people in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Las Vegas have endured.

I’m in constant search for inspiration. My interests range from creating an online business to improving my self-development. The topics fascinate me and I often express it via Instagram. It’s also my way of building a community. I want to continue¬†empowering others to live out their dreams while shutting down the naysayers.

Inspiration is all around me. However, it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t act on it. So I read and I read a lot. As a writer, I go to authors who write what I love to read. I’m also a mover. As a yoga/dance instructor, movement is life and shakes me out of a rut at any time. And then there is food. I love it all! So I want to bring certain recipes that just feel good.

And with the complicated world we live in, I bring ways to help each other. Community service, volunteering, spreading awareness to a good cause is what I thrive for. Positive news will eliminate the negative in no time!

It’s not about being perfect. Gosh, I don’t want to be perfect. And you shouldn’t either. I celebrate me. The good and the bad. And you should too. Why not? You have nothing to lose. If you celebrate all that encompasses you, then others will as well!